Don’t neglect people with autism

Child autism rates twice
August 3, 2018

Emphasizing the importance of changing the general mindset towards people with autism and disabilities, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said these people also deserve the opportunity to flourish and realize their true potential.

“Let’s not neglect people with autism. They are also a part of our society. They may even be much more talented than normal people. We have to give them the opportunity to be able to live up to their potential, and we have to create a proper space for them in society,” the premier said on Monday while addressing a program marking the 11th World Autism Awareness Day at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Dhaka. Organized by the Ministry of Social Welfare, the theme of the program was “Empowering women and girls with autism,” reported UNB. Speaking at the event, the prime minister said people must change their age-old mindset towards people with disorders and disabilities.

“We have to be more sensitive and sympathetic towards them; we have to show them more love and affection and bring them closer to ourselves. We have to help them so their hidden talents can flourish,” she said. Underlining the importance of being more aware of autism, Hasina said everyone had to stand by people with autism. “It’s not their fault. Allah creates people in different ways. We should not treat them with negligence. Awareness is very much essential.” The prime minister also mentioned a number of projects and programs undertaken by the government to help people with autism and disabilities become contributing citizens of the country.

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