Manners class

A semi century ago manners were top priority when teaching children. Children were sent to etiquette classes to learn proper manners. Your manners dictated your social status in the community. If someone had poor manners they were looked down upon.

Teaching your children about manners and respect can help better our country. If our children are not educated on proper manners our society, as a whole will crumble.

Our manners classes and training is fun, family oriented and highly effective.  We have a large, highly trained staff and currently conduct over 2 classes every week.

We invite you to visit us any time classes are scheduled and see for yourself the series training program.

We also offer behavioral consultations for both child and parents with behavior problems.  We provide onsite private and semi private lessons and we also offer in home training when appropriate.

  • We offer membership that  provide discounts on classes and members rent space for training and fun
  • We host seminars and put on training matches
  • We host a therapy dog group
  • We sponsor a flyball team
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